The Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses

Study Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives

The Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin offers a year-long scholarship for research and study at a Berlin institution (about 770 Euro for pre-doctoral students and 1300 Euro for post-doctoral students). The applicant must be a citizen of a former Allied Country. Although the application states that the applicant must also be from a partner institution of the Berlin Universities, this rule is not strictly followed and awards are based on the applicant´s qualifications.

Deadline: December 15 of each year.

Grant guidelines are available at the following internet address:

Applications and questions should be directed to:
Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin
Regina Rahm
Niederkirchnerstr. 5
D-10111 Berlin


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